Valhalla, the glorious banquet hall of Nordic mythology, is the inspiration for our newest line of pipes - the Valhalla Series.  According to legend, heroes who died in combat were retrieved from the battlefield by the Valkyries and taken to Valhalla where they would drink, smoke and party with the gods. The Valhalla series is crafted from some of the finest briar available. The Nørding signature deep-reddish, light brown and orange stain is applied to the series 400, 500 and 600 all smooth, and gloss finish to dramatically highlight the beautiful grains. Series 100, 200 are partly rusticated whereas series 300 has deep rustications. Stamped "Handmade by Erik Nording" and fitted with acrylic stems, the Valhalla 600 Series is worthy of Odin himself. Available in six Danish pipe shapes. An optional semi-churchwarden vulcanite stem measuring five inches long can be purchased separately. The stem fits all Valhalla series pipes and offers a slightly cooler smoking experience.