Nording Hunter Blend Beagle Pipe Tobacco
A classic dark, rich Matured Virginia flake made from mellow premium orange and red Virginias seasoned with the finest St. James Parish Perique.






Nording Hunter Blend Fox Hound Pipe Tobacco
The finest Cyprian Latakia and Oriental from Macedonia and Turkey give this mild English-style blend its smoothness and seductive aroma.









Nording Hunter Blend Labrador Pipe Tobacco
A classic blend of smooth, fragrant Black Cavendish, mellow Burley and sweet Virginia, enhanced with a light caramel-hazelnut note. Rich and satisfying.








Nording Hunter Blend Pointer Pipe Tobacco
A blend of the best Virginia and Burley tobaccos subtly flavoured and aged under pressure in the Danish tradition. To make a point, it's mellow and satisfying.







Nording Hunter Blend Retriever Pipe Tobacco
A clean-smoking, lightly sweet and mellow taste from a blend of premium Virginias and Cavendish tobaccos. A classic you'll be retrieving over and over for your pipe smoking pleasure.